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GSA Indexer links

I'm quite new to SEO and GSA SER/Indexer etc. I think I made a big mistake today. I wanted to get one of my pages indexed on my money site, so I added that link (my money site inner page URL) to GSA Indexer and it built about 680 dofollow links to my site. 

I know these sites are mostly 'statistics' sites that Google crawls often, but will I likely get a penalty for these sudden 'irrelevant' links pointing to my site, or will it be ok because I am just indexing the page? 



  • SvenSven
    Not really, it's not doing any harm in my eyes.
  • Whew! That is a big relief! Thanks for the quick answer Sven! I was sweating about this. 
  • @john1984 I wouldn't make a habit of doing that :-)
  • ronron

    I wouldn't do that going forward. Use GSA Indexer to index your backlinks.

    Allow the backlinks you build with SER to index your website.

  • Thanks @ron and @davbel - the site is about 4 months old with over 60 pages of content. All SEO so far has been white hat. In your opinion, what are the chances that the site could get sandboxed from this mistake? 

  • ronron
    Odds are you will be ok. Just save the indexer for your backlinks going forward.
  • ok, thanks a lot for helping me out. 
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