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IP/Proxy block on google

SER says my proxy are blocked by google, but i tested them and they works fine, how can i improve SER scraping on google (maybe it's a keywords/footprints issue ? ). I use the gscraper keywords list and default SER footprints.



  • SvenSven
    It all depends on how you test it.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    What timeout do you have set?
  • I tested them with scrapebox, my timeout is 120 sec.
  • Im getting the same problem, and GSA tests them before and says they are fine, but once I run anything with scraping I get the same IP block as above.
  • I got all these 000/000 yesterday morning too. Scrapebox also showed that proxies are working but I tested some manually. I was able to get to but as I typed in a word for search it would show me a captcha. I don't know how SB tests proxies. I also have UNF which tests proxies for SEOMOz, so in UNF it showed all of my proxies were banned. From now on, I will test it in UNF only  :D

  • I let every proxy run today for 30 seconds each and weed out the banned. Both ser and sb show irrelevant results concerning G ban.
  • Buyproxies replaced my proxies they were all banned by google, now it's way better. I guess scrapebox proxy tester is innaccurate.
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