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Kitchen Sink - 175LPM vs T1 Articles, Wikis and Social Network 25 LPM

Hey guys, I've read a LOT on the forum about optimizing GSR with taking out poor performing engines, change the only 5-6 Google search engines, and etc.  And in the past day, I was able to have a HUGE jump to have almost 200k submission per day with KITCHEN SINK type links like Blog Comments, Image comments, trackbacks, microblog.  And my LPM for that is 175LPM.

However, when I use the SAME settings and just check to use Articles, Wikis and Social Networks, my LPM immediately drops down to about 25 LPM after resetting it.

I know others on this focum gets 175LPM and like 100k-200k submission per DAY on QUALITY links like Articles, Wikis and Social Networks and NOT using kitchen sink links.  So just wondering what else I can tweak to make it faster because I have ALREADY looked at the verified links and only select engines that perform and give me links, and the other suggestions from the other threads...

Kind of not sure where else to go from here.  Any suggestions?


  • Might be hardware limitations. I've helped other folks with exactly the same settings/engines as I use and hardware really makes a big difference there.

    For example, I run 420 threads on mostly contextual engines (maybe 3 kitchen sinks) and I'm getting about 100-120LPM.

    I'm on Poweruphosting's higher VPS. 4 core Xeon 3.3GHz and 4GB ram

    What are you running SER on?
  • ronron

    @ejim7 - Think about it. On Contextual, you need to register, wait for the email, confirm, post.

    That is a *completely* different deal than spamming comments at 300 mph.

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    There are a lot of factors involved which just seem to plain elude you at present going by your level of posts today

    You seem to be the type that wants to run before you can walk, in all honesty and your posts have shown just that


    Those of us that run good LpM across the board have taken time to learn how to set up the software and done a lot of testing and tweaking

    Edit engine files which produce max results for search terms

    Use engine with a good submission to verified rate

    Setting ser up to run well, takes time and effort

    Test some engines for a week, check results, bin the poor ones

    Add more engines, run for a week, check results, bin the poor ones etc etc

    Until you have a nice selection of engines



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