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Where In The Hell Is The Manual?

For something as expensive as CB, why do I have to ask for a manual to ensure I'm getting the most out of it?  "Run As Websever" "Listen On"...what am I supposed to do with those.   How do I maximize those options.  I need to use this with Ultimate Demon.  Since UD doesn't have CB as a captcha option, I was thinking I could modify CB's setting to work with any software I'm using.  However, I don't even know what is best because there's no freakin' explanation of the options available. 


  • Thought those were pretty self-explanatory. Never use them, myself,  as SER integrates out-of-the-box with CB, but "Run As Webserver" allows you to emulate a captcha solving service. "Listen On" would be the IP of your local machine (I think). You'll probably be fine leaving it at

    I seem to remember (could be way wrong) that UD would only work with one of the captcha emulations. Either DeCaptcha or DeathByCaptcha.

    There is a neat sticky thread here that teaches you cool stuff like this. Two of them, actually. Check em out. You can also use " (insert problem here)" in Google and you'll usually figure out solutions to things quicker than bitching.

    Also... Expensive?! This thing pays for itself every 2 days for me. And I only run 1 copy of SER with it.
  • SvenSven
    I have to agree that every software should have a manual. Though I didn't see a real need for CB to have one as @Kreist pointed it out... "pretty self-explanatory". 
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    I don't think CB is expensive at all. It is one of those things that pays for itself!
  • Maurice is right, 

    nice that is states that it simulates services like DeCaptcher but how does it do that? Ultimate Demon (not the newest and most unpopular software by the way) asks - like most others - for user and pass for a service. How do I enter those in GSA Captcha Breaker? 

    I also think that a manual for a software that costs a hundred bucks is not asked too much...
  • SvenSven
    If you simulate a service and enable that in the other program, you can of course enter any login details you want as CB does not verify the login of course. It would take anything.
  • Let me see if i got this right, i am currentyl not running it as a webserver because my apache is using the port 80.

    So since i am not using the webserver, am i getting lower solving rate ?????

  • @bnaimy, I don't think it makes a difference. It's just a way for the software to communicate. If you are only using it for SER, it connects automatically and (I'm guessing) that's probably the quickest way for them to exchange info and solving rate is probably higher that way.

    You only need to run it as a webserver if you're going to use it with another program that can't integrate with it out of the box. So, it "pretends" it's something else such as
  • Ahh got it Kreist, thanks for clearing that up m8

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