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Submission Shows 69,284..BUT Statistics/Graph Shows 6735 Links?

As you see in the screencap, my submission bar shows 69284 submissions today.
BUT when I selected ALL of the projects and clicked on Statistics for today, it only shows 6735 links built?

And when I clicked individually on each of the projects, it seems that it only has a couple hundreds, some just about a hundred or so, and I have about 30 projects, so that would added up to about 6735 links instead of 69284.

Anyone know what is going on?  Thanks!


  • Forgot to attached the screencap, here it is.
  • When SER verify your submissions, he remove the failed.
    Check your logs for entry like this :
    05:13:30: [-] Verification not successful->removed -
  • So basically of the 69,000 links submitted only 6735 links were built?  That's less than 10% and really sucks!

    Is anyone getting the similar stats?

    But how could that be possible because I had 8628 VERIFIED links today?  And I only have 6735 links that was successfully built?
  • You need to look at your Identified and Verified stats. That way you can only select the engines that are more successful for you. They are in the global options > advanced > tools > show stats (or something along those lines). I get about 50% Verified from Submitted using these:

    Don't know why your verifieds differ there. I thought SER resets ever day at midnight.
  • I'm not concerned about LPM, and I have already turned off bad engines.

    What I'm concerned with is why it says I have 69k submissions when the statistics only shows it has 6735 links built.
  • SvenSven
    @ejim7 you probably use some platforms where submission vs. verified is low by default like blog comments.
  • So the statistics links are for VERIFIED not "submitted"?  

    If I have verified set to 4 days after, then my "stats" would look really "OFF" then wouldn't it because it's based on verified and not submitted links?
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