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1,600 Threads / 54 LPM / S:64000 / V:8000 / in 20 Hours - OVERKILL or Settings Wrong?


Hey guys, I've read a lot of post recently on LPM and how to tweak it by taking out bad engines, looking at stats, etc.

After making those edits, I've had anywhere between 50-100LPM on more kitchen sink items like "Blog comments, image comments, trackbacks".  On Articles, Wikis and Social network, it's much slower like 15-20 LPM.

To play around more with the settings, I jacked up the threads to 2500 and see what would happen and if GSA would crash, but it didn't.  It'd just ponder around 1500-2000 threads.  I have an Intel QuadCore, 8GB ram on my desktop, but it's running at 100% CPU all the time at this setting.

I'm not sure if I want to keep my computer running at 100% CPU all the time because I don't want it to die on me too soon.  If I bring down the thread to 500, the CPU goes way back down.  

But it does seem at running approx 1500 threads I get a lot more submissions and verifies.  

The problem is if I run it at 500 threads the LPM is around 50-100LPM, but if I run it at 1600 threads, it still seems to be around 50-100LPM.  So am I actually getting more submissions with higher threads, or it's just OVERKILL to stress the computer like this?

How else can I optimize the settings to make it submit more and get more verified without stressing the system?  I see LeeG, Ron and DoubleUp , etc have WAY LESS threads than me but getting like 3-4 times higher submission rates than me...any other ideas? :)


  • ive noticed when I get into the higher threads, my proxies ( 50 private ones ) tend to get marked as "failed" and that askmebot doesnt come back with a response. I think its just too much threads sometimes.

    I had mine to 1200 threads, but recently brought it back down to 300
  • MrXMrX Germany
    It would say its way to high thread count!
    And you might check your checked engines to increase the LpM! Check submitted and verified link in your sitelist and compare which engine is effective and which will just consume time without any good resulsts.
  • You will burn your proxies in no time with that many threads.  You want to aim for 10 threads for each proxy
  • crazy threads, can't wait to get my dedicated and rip some threads like that
  • Wow,crazy..mine LPM is 1.90 LOl
  • Whats the average LPM? I believe I am getting 20-25, is that normal?
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