Posting To Niche Specfic Places...How So In GSA

Ok so lets say my niche is Farming. I want to get links ONLY from sites that deal with farming in some sort of way. One of my keywords has Farming in it and one does not (even though it has to do with farming)

Is the correct way to go about it is check the box that uses my keywords to find sites? If my keyword does not have farming in it then how will it know to still look for those type of sites.

Can GSA do anything about niche specific linking?


  • From memory:

    In Setting - Data Tab
    Make sure Collect kw from target sites and use collected kw are unticked

    In Settings - Options Tab
    Tick Always use kw to find target sites
    Untick also analyse and post to...
    If you're running different campaigns with different kw, you also want to untick use URLS from global...

    You will still get some that aren't related, plus by doing this you'll also massively limit what you can post to. 

  • Thank you. Understand tha but trying to test some things for the new month.
  • I have a question on this. If we don't tick the 'Always use KW to find target sites' option, how else does GSA find them? Asuming that I have the 'collect keywords' options unticked, and the 'analyse competitor backlinks' option unticked. What other methods can be used to find sites if GSA is not collecting any new KWs???
  • Getting back into things and not sure if this has been covered. Can we tell GSA to only post to sites (regardless of platform) that ONLY have our keyword in it? So going from my original post if I have a farming website how do we tell GSA "hey only post to sites that have farming in the url and discard any thing else that does not.

    Can this be done?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    You have an option there already where you can specify that the webpage must have at least XYZ keywords presen (project options -> Filter URLS -> "At least XYZ keywords must be present on ...")
  • Thank you...feel good about this :)
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