Verified Links Not To Project Site

For the last couple versions, SER has been making links to sites that are not mine.

This has affected EVERY project. For example when I go the check the verified links of a project with the only url being "", about 30-50% of the links will be to completely random websites. Even when I click 'verify' the links to the random websites stay.

Things I've tried:
Complete Reinstall (also deleted appdata folder).
Install on new vps.


The black  column is the url entered into the project. The red column are completely random links the SER is building to even though they appear nowhere in my projects. A clean install using 1 project with 1 url turned up the same results.

This is really killing my link building. Any help?


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Please provide some project backup. I am sure there is either the URL int he project (forgot to click EDIT->Clear) or you have not used the option to verify exact URL (in case your project URL is something from a web2.0 site).
  • I've sent you a message with the project backup.
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