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I was trying GSA, when I use the engine, it creates profile and it doesn't do post update.

If you can add the Post update, Let say you log in to the website there is a box where you can post links or updates etc, same like twitter tweeting.

Is it possible to see in upcoming version

Thanks many for adding drupal request :-)


  • SvenSven
    Give me an examble please. Also does every site has the same link for it? It's been a time since I coded this one and can't remember that good how it was.
  • edited September 2012
    Here is a fine example of that :

    there you can see i updated a message : this is an example.

    What i want is that, We are able to post the message in the field name as update or send,

    Yes, It is same for all the websites. Some website have captcha and the rest of them doesn't have.

    One more thing to say, if it is possible to post update like : domainkeyword

    in above format it would be great.

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