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What's your best email verification set up? Need a little help.

I have 1k hotmail accounts for 15 projects at this point. I ran a test through GSA and it stated that my accounts were still in good standing after about a months worth of work. Just out of curiosity I logged into one the of accounts manually only the find that it has been blocked. I logged into a few more and it seems they were blocked too. 

So it seems like GSA tests the email accounts by just logging in. If your hotmail account is blocked you are still allowed to login but it just shows you your account was blocked. Perhaps the test GSA is using isn't as good as it needs to be.  It may be returning false positives on the hotmail tests. What comes back as a working email account in GSA doesn't seem to be a working account when checked manually.

OK no prob time to move on. So what are you all using that is working really well for you? 


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    Many users here are using a catchall email adress to avoid being blacklisted and because its not a freemail, so in fact you pay for that email and so they wont just shut you down because of too many receveived emails (or whatever might be the reason with hotmail).

    For me, personally, the catchall didnt work. I had 10thousands of emails in my inbox after just 1 night of letting it run and - in spite of the positive test - SER didnt seem to be able to fetch the mails. 

    So i went back to hotmail and it works fine for a week now. When i check a sample of mail adresses i see a lot of emails too, but after letting it run "verifiy emails only" the number goes down.

    And in hotmail the deleted mails go into a special folder (deleted->pop3) when a popservice deletes them- so you can see if SER fetches the mails or not.

    Another solution would be to take hotmail and setup aliases (thats in the options), but i didnt try it yet.

    Best Regards
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