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Consistent Freezing Issue

Hi All,

Not sure if others are having this problem but with some of the latest versions, running anything more than 3-4 projects completely freezes gsa. Very rarely does it recover and go back to functioning. Often it stays frozen until I close it or it crashes and closes out on its own.

For the record, my CPU is pretty good (quad core AMD processor, 8gb of ram).

Anyone else having this problem that has found a solution or is this just me?


  • SvenSven

    No, not me. But I don't seem to get any bug you guys do thats the problem of a coder :(

    Anyway provide the project backups and I see whats possible to resolve it (if I can reproduce it).

  • Same freezing here as well.
  • Hi,

    unfortunately, Sven, i cannot send my project due to confidentiality issues. thanks though!
  • edited June 2013

    this happens to me ... (cleared out the project names) ... SER starts going mad .. and freezes @Sven
  • Im getting on 6.02 now.. freezing running even just 1 project
  • my best solution at this point is to take it down to running no more than 5-6 projects using the scheduler and rotating every two hours. Any more and it is DOA.

    I am running 6.02 with private proxies and 250 threads (i've tried adjusting threads too with no success)
  • Im running 6.02 with 100 threads, 50 private proxies, 1 project rotated out every 30 min ( out of 6 projects ) and i cant even get into my VPS now remotely.

    I use to be able to run 10+ projects at once on 500 threads no rotation just fine.
  • I'm getting the freeze too now on my new VPS... projects just stop running. 
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