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WOW GSA Hates Article Directories!

Seems my current updated version of GSA is not adding check marks to all article directories (save for the wordpress directory only), when I add a check mark to the article directories (+ sign).

With the other platforms, when you're building a campaign using WAC etc, when you click a radio button again the platform, all platforms in that group get a check mark, not article directories though.

So, if you've been adding campaigns to GSA, you may want to double check which properties receive check marks when you add one against each platform.

I absolutely have NO idea how long this has been going on, as I hardly double check, assuming GSA will populate each article directory etc when I check at the top level.


  • MrXMrX Germany
    I am not sure I really got your point because the description is a lil confusing.
    But from what i understood:
    If you check a parent category of platforms like articles or social bookmarks etc, GSA will automatically check all the child platforms within this category. If there is an update to GSA and another platform is added to a parent category (e.g. a new platform for articles is added to article directories) GSA will not check this new platform automatically.
  • It seemed GSA was not checking all the child platforms when you checked the article directories parent category.
    Tried it a couple of times, and the only child platform that was being checked is wordpress.

    Now that I'm trying to replicate the error in real time... I'm not seeing it! :)

    Trust Murphy's Law when you hardly need it..

    Guess this thread should be closed then..(I'm sure the issue will manifest once again once offline!)

    Thanks for the input
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