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This CPU Usage Thing, Myth I tell Ya!

Been checking the cpu usage GSA says it's using against that shown by the task manager, and there's a huge disparity between the two, am I missing something here?
If GSA shows CPU usage at 99%, and task manager shows cpu usage at, say 65% with physical memory under 50%, what number is one to go by, and does it matter in the grand scheme of things?

What I'm trying to avoid is having GSA freeze the moment it hits 100% on its counter, yet task manager shows there's still enough room in the cpu for other processes to be run concurrently.
Feedback would be appreciated.


  • Look at the task manager only.
  • Memory usage in the taskbar is also not accurate.
  • SvenSven
    The task manager shows the memory usage of only used blocks after "defrag" while SER shows the one before "defrag" (hard to describe). For CPU usage, SER shows the one from the core it is running on, task manager shows all cores together.
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