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New Engines / Platforms - How to Guide?

edited September 2012 in New Engines/Platforms

i searched the forum but couldnt find anything, isnt ther some guide on how to add new platforms and engines to SER, reason i am asking is, then we all could make new platform additions to SER, and not only Ozz :D and Sven can consider adding it to SER or not, i belive it would be awesome for all people involved cause it would add value to SER as well,

i checked some enginges.ini files and my lack of coding knownledge made me understand only partly things, however it think it should be doable with a list of variables which can be used and some guidance on whats important,

so maybe Ozz wants to run Camtasia next time he does a new engine, so we all can learn on how to do it, and contribute to SER this way

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