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the last days i had a big breakdown with sub/verified. I had problems reading emails, finding new targets etc.

My copy of SER has never been really fast. But now i had a hell lot of 000/000 sites, download failed etc. messages.

I know, 75% of all problems here can be traced back to bad proxies. Thats why i bought 20 private ones from proxy-hub right from the beginning.

I tested them o c and they seemed to be fine (scrapebox and SER said they were ok and even google passed. So i thought it must be sth else that kills my GSA SER.

I changed everything i could, tried to use yahoo in all my projects and even installed SER on my home machine to see if i have a problem with my VPS.

Nothing really helped.

Now, after 3 Beer (god forgive me, normally i dont touch my PC when im drunk) i decided to change the proxies because there was really nothing left i could change.

Because i didnt want to waste much money i bought 20 shared ones from

... and my LpM is back to 30.  (may sound low, but im NOT using any blog comment, referrer,pingback and all that stuff. not even on my index-tier).

When i checked the buyproxies - proxies, they had 0.05 to 0.3 delay. The proxy-hub ones had 1.0 - 7.0 seconds. All of them and all the time. I'm green with all this automated stuff, so i thought that must be normal.

Why am i writing this?

Well, a lot of the users here are having proxy-related issues and seriuously: Try buyproxies. They are really fast with delivering and im submitting like a wizard with the shared ones. I dont even think the private ones are much better.

Have a good evening, i've gotta setup some campaigns..

Best Regards


  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    OK, I will try it, if it rules out my problems as I am using Proxy Hub. Will report back.
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    i used them for long time,i admit they are OK
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    I can also confirm that they are the best proxy providers. 
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    They still work great. It didnt really solve my problem (no new targets) longterm, but they work extremely fast when i sort in lists. Proxyhub never again. And i really like their salestext ;) 
  • not sure how the fuck is possible,i bought 15 dedicated proxies from another provider(very fast proxies) and 20 semidedicated from buy,after scraping 600k urls all dedicated are banned and semidedicated still work 100% .i used scrapebox for scraping,using them now on gscraper i am curious if they will be banned :)
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
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    In one discussion with the guy from i got this response:
    "we have a feature which might be annoying but it help our users to avoid better the google bans that's why "
  • I confirm is the best proxy provider. They have like 30mins support and not as cheapskate as proxy-hub. When even 10-20% of my proxies is slow/dead/banned by google, I ask for replacements, they even replace my whole list. Very generous, fast support, fast proxies, last longer for scraping even with Gscraper. Nothing to complain!
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    And I confirm Proxy-hub is the worst proxy provider! See why

  • I agree - is the best I've used so far. I have a totally dedicated proxy package and don't have issues with them failing test etc. The speed is pretty good as well. Before I switched to them I was using "Squid Proxies" - what a joke! They really suck. They fail like the next day after you get them and then you don't hear back from "tech support" for like a freakin' 24 hour period. Meanwhile you're screwed on your proxies and just wasted cash.

    The fully dedicateds work so well for me that I don't see my self going with another proxy provider in the future. Every time I launch any tool to run with them they always pass the test and always work like a charm - and that's what most of us want....
  • ronron
    I have been saying to use these guys for almost a year now. They should be paying me a retainer, lol. Or at least make me the paid company spokesperson. Glad to see you guys are figuring it out.
  • Since a few days I use 30 semi-private proxies from and my LpM instantly improved from 0.4 to 6. I chose European proxies.

    I am very happy with and may be take even another 30 or so soon if I csn get a faster Internet connection.

    BTW 30 seems rather few - hence I added a small hand picked selection of public proxies to get around 60+ proxies and that seems to be an ideal number for my projects = 60-100 proxies.
  • Shared are also better for privacy..
  • I use also buyproxies an im very happy with them
  • Looks like it's time for me to ditch ProxyHub and try BuyProxies... thanks for the feedback, guys!
  • inmho sven should get coupon system with buyproxy instead proxyhub, the support/billing system sucks big time
  • Got to say that I use Proxy Hub and have never had any issues with them.  If any proxy dies they have always replaced.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Same here, not had a problem with proxy Hub. Proxies last the month

    OK, support aint the quickest, but when you supply a good product, you don't need to waste time, effort and profit supplying 24/7 support

    You can add the owner to Skype and speed up support if need be


  • +1 buyproxy
  • Just try cancelling the service. I cancelled on June 28th and still got charged on July 6th.

    Opened ticket with them, where they offered to refund me and cancel the account. I confirmed.

    Never got the refund, now I got charged on August 8th a second time since I cancelled.

    In the meantime the subscription has been cancelled by Proxyhub and I have been refunded for August, but not for July.

    And 2Checkout's support is totally nonchalant. This is the second time I have an issue with them resp. a seller using them and in future I won't subscribe to any service that is using 2Checkout.
  • MrXMrX Germany
    How many proxies are u using for ser ? I tried 20 semi and 10 dedicated proxies but they still get all banned after a few minutes ... Even tried to raise the custom waiting time to like 180sec
  • Just thought I'll let everybody know that the issue with Proxy-hub has been resolved and they finally also refunded me for July.
  • Just cancelled proxy hub as found 90% of proxies dead the day after they took second subscription payment raised ticket yesterday- nothing today - nothing after reading your comments Komakino decided to cut my losses. now looking for a good value alternative 
  • I use proxy-hub as one of my proxy providers. If you are used to fast support response then avoid proxy-hub. They are very slow at responding, expect a +24 hours response time. Time will go by slow when you have around 30% proxies die on you and you need replacement. Another downside to proxy-hub is there proxies seem to die more often then other providers.

    Overall for what they are Proxy-Hub is an Average Service.
  • I use buyproxies and I'm very pleased of them
  • how many machines can i use with
    i'm planning to try 50 semi or 50 dedicated proxies

    but i dont know how many machines can i use with them, this is affect my decision

  • Unless you IP lock them, you can use them on unlimited machines to my knowledge.
  • Proxyhub have been my choice for the past year, 11 months on semis and now the last month on private. Support is a little slow and dumb, but I've only had to contact them twice in 12 months. Every time I check/test the proxies, they're fast and working so whatever problems the above have had then maybe it's rectified, I dunno.

    Saying that, I'm in no way loyal to any company. As soon as they are crap, I'll switch, so it's good to know that buyproxies are getting rave reviews. For the time-being, if it ain't broke...
  • I use 100 private proxies from buyproxies for over 2 years and you can use on many machines but put low LPM max 100
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