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"Verify after" gone rogue...

Hey guys,

Even I set my projectas: "When to verify: Custom - 1440 minutes", all my projects are still go into verification state after like 5-10 mins. That reduces my LPM a lot, and I just want it to submit for a long time (here 24hrs for example) then verify after. 

Which is the correct settings to make it verify after an exact period of time? Am I missing any settings or it has to be another scheduling elsewhere?

Please advise, thanks in advance guys! 


  • SvenSven
    It goes to verify (regardless your settings) if your project is not going to produce any links (in pause).
  • @Sven No it's not in pause. All projects are in "Active" state. But they just change the color to blue so automatically verify.
  • And yes they should provide links because I've imported target URLs... Now I have to manually disable the verify state, and they later change their status to Verify Only... It's pretty annoying because projects are not following schedules.
  • SvenSven
    Just checked the code...I can't find a reason why it should ignore your settings. Please provide a log (use pastebin please).
  • Just PMed you. Hope you don't mind zippyshare because the log was kinda big for pastebin.
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