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How to set GSA captcha breaker automatically restart after crashing?

CB will try to resume the captcha breaker after crashing which will take a long time. Is there an option to set the CB restart after crashing? I prefer to restarting imediately as it's much fast to make cb continue to work. Thanks


  • SvenSven
    It should not crash at all. :(
  • What's thread limits for CB? 
  • SvenSven
    I don't get your question!?
  • I mean what's maximun threads CB can handle at the same time? Like 1000 or more?
  • SvenSven
    It's not limited at all. But of course it might be not a good idea to hammer it with 100+ requests at the same time. I never tried actually.
  • I also crash 2-3x a day at times.

    Other days, I can run for 4-5 days without a problem.

    Whatever the cause is, its intermittent.
  • How long will it take to restart or continue working after crashing? I can't hold the impulse to hit the restart button every time i found crash.  :) So i never know the time CB takes to "continue the application". But "restart the application" only takes seconds. I would like if there is a option says like "Restart after crashing" in case someone has some poor server or vps config and we can avoid some time waiting. 
  • I experience crashes since the last update or so as well. Before it worked well. I reinstalled the OS on the server in the meanwhile but it did not help. What I see when it crashes is that the CB window is black when you switch to it and it wouldn't show anything. In the task manager it is at 0% cpu and some hundreds meg of memory (normal). SER keeps sending captchas to it but I guess they are not solved, since the LPM is dropping drastically when I see this. Also, when this happens, I see that CB opened a second window (viewable in the taskbar and also in the task manager) which has the size of a pop/error message box, but I can't see it's content since it's also all black. Is that the same crash you guys are experiencing? I will provide a screenshot next time it happens. Also, I am happy to send you (Sven) any logs if you tell me where to look for them. Regards, Steve
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    edited June 2013

    Same here, get a crash about every ten to twelve hours

    The box that should say about the error, is just black

    The only way to restart it is via the resource manager

    Tried going back to the previous version and the problem is still there

  • Same for me also. Only seems to happen on my server though, even after a re install. Runs fine on my PC on the other hand.......
  • It's reassuring to see I am not the only one experiencing this. Now let's see if the devs will be able to do something about it. As said, I am willing to provide any logs or samples of anything if required.
  • Dito. We're getting the "black box" on 4 diff. servers. Could be hardware related, but I'm not quite sure.
  • same here. didnt build much links the last 72 hrs cuz didnt have time to check VPS. obviously CB crashed very fast and didnt restart.

  • I hate to see the GSA crashing in the morning. So it's better to force CB to restart after crashing. We can accept crashing sometime, just unaccept it stop working all the night. Sven, please help!
  • me too.

    it crashed at night .

  • Hi you guys you can easily create a task scheduler in windows to launch it in every 30 min , it can run only once so if its running it will simply stay running and if its crashed and not running task scheduler will run it for you guys hope it helps
  • ronron
    I have had CB crash about once per day for the last week (both 2.02 and 2.03). I can't look at anything to see why it crashed. The good news is that it doesn't happen right away and the solve times are great. I'm going to give 2.04 a whirl in a few minutes to see what happens.
  • SvenSven

    @ron too bad that this still happens. Can you try to run it with "-debug" as parameter? It will have a *.dat dile in the installation folder on a crash which might be useful for me to test things.

    How does it crash though?

  • ronron

    @sven 2.04 is the fastest solving yet, and no problems, so it is perfect.  ^:)^

  • SvenSven
    Great to hear. Hopefully it stays like that...anyway I will not create a "Monitor" app that restarts the program in case of a bug, but will always try to solve the mistakes I made on my code. I know others don't think like that (maybe they have no clue of coding and spread stupid rumors to cover that).
  • ronron
    The reason I don't get upset with a CB crash is because SER still runs great and posts, and believe it or not, my LPM still stays fine. Maybe I have been lucky, but I haven't had many crashes over the past year.
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