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Finally On Google Page 1..Thanks to GSA

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Finally,with GSA my weight loss webpage is google page 1,i have tried from a long time to achieve this position,i have a weight loss website,and i have golden keywords in my hands ,i tried senuke x to get back links, but i doesn't get good results and later i tried scrape box and that too haven't drive much results, and later NHSEO..the result is the same as senuke x and scrapebox,but i bought GSA on 7-SEPT-2012 this is great piece of software has given me awesome results which has been drive me to google page 1 for the keywords..THANKS TO GSA...


  • Hey, congratulations! can you post how did you achieved first page of Google? I mean what did you use as tier 1, tier 2, etc.
  • i use as tier 1
  • can you tell us which links you used from GSA and your settings ?
  • Ya sunny, do give us more detailed info. We'd like to know. Thanks!
  • What i have done is generate the golden keywords for my niche using market samurai and later i have created a wordpress page for the gold keywords  the page content must be unique(this is important) and later i drive backlinks to the page using gsa.what i have used is tick all in GSA except indexer,pingback,referrer. and i have gsa seo indexer too to index my backlinks.

    Thats all pal...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sunn9495 - thanks for the share. Just curious -
    1) how many submitted & how many verified links to get this result?
    2) Have you applied a PR filter
    3) How many anchor texts did you use?
    4) Did you use any anchor text variation percentages?
  • @GlobalGoogler

    1) gsa submitted 4649 & 2981 verified links

    2) no i didnt applied PR filter

    3) i use keyword as anchor text

    4) no
  • how did it fare now after the google update?
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    @ Stanger
    Look pal..i really dont know whats google algorithm and google panda or penguin..blah blah.. some people says there is nothing google alogrithm,but this great piece of software is driving good results to me..what i have to done is getting golden keywords using MS and having a good content in the page for the keywords..and later GSA does rest of all to get my page to google page 1
  • It was a simple question. Did you retain staying on page one today after the latest update. This lets us know how well GSA is doing with link diversity.
  • There was a latest update today?
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    @ Stanger
    @ jonathanjon

    Guys,To be more clear,here iam posting the image that i have been checked with scrapebox rank tracker premium plugin today..please have a look

    Are you guys clear about this and what GSA really does...
  • OP: After the past few hours of G shake up (EMD's) I am wondering whether you are still ranking???!  :-?

    Lost just about all my EMD sites today - a few were hanging on and I thought they would survive but unfortunately as of a few minutes ago they have all dropped +100-200 spots....
  • this is very sad.  @takeachance sorry to hear about your losing rankings.  I have heard about Web2.0 properties being punished too.  I wonder if this is related to Godaddy's 35% campaign? 

    So you want to dominate in a niche for widgets but you will be penalized if you buy!  A worse case scenario would be to buy or .net!

    And it seems that the amount of links you have does factor into this new algo.

    This is totally turning the web according to Google on it's head. 

    I am not going to buy any EMDs right now as they are the kiss of death!

    I am changing to something else other than adsense.

    The good news is that Bing and Yahoo are showing good results with GSA in the SERPs.

  • guys, for those who have lost rankings, what niches are you in?

    takeachance, what kind of niches are you in and is this for affiliate marketing?
  • Niches were not overly competitive, Window Blinds, Headaches, Spiritual, Financial to name but a few. I am still seeing some EMD's ranking but nowhere near as many as before. Its too early to draw any conclusions as the update is still going on and it will take several weeks to sift through the wreckage anyhow. At the moment, all my sites were 20-50+ top quality content with very mild backlinking (web 2s tiered for buffer). The irony is I am running an experiment over the past 6 weeks or so using nothing but duplicate content on a brand new domain with a para at the top and bottom written by my (good quality) introducing and summerising the article and you guessed it - this is ranking great guns - its a partial match domain though.....go figure
  • I'm having a site in to health niche with very generic domain name, since last 8 months I was adding 100% unique content and was only using GSA SER to get backlinks (directly to T1 & T2).

    My initial results was very good, my site was ranking for hundreds of Long Trails and was getting ~ 200 uniques per day but from 28th Sep. my site is nowhere in the SERPs and hardly getting any organic traffic. 

    And the worst thing is now the first page of google is dominated either low quality Web 2.0 or yahoo/wiki answers for all those keywords for which my site was ranking for.

    My site has nothing to do with EMD, then I really don't understand why it was slapped so badly.
  • The good thing is that if the 1st page looks worse now, Google will probably do something just like with Penguin. So you may see your sites back again soon!
  • @jonathanjon don't keep your hopes up.  Google is going down a slippery slope and has created lots of carnage on its way.  This is good news for Bing and Yahoo.
  • Ya its true my site ranked well due to GSA.But in indexer we are able to give only main domain or inner pages also can any one explain
  • SvenSven
    You can use inner pages there. However not all sites in GSA SEO Indexer will give you a inner page backlink.
  • There was a panda update too along with the EMD update. So that's why non-EMDs got targeted too!
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