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Project level blacklist filter option?

Is there such a thing? I must have missed it if there is.

Basically the idea is to avoid posting to blacklisted domains for my T1 links. T234 I don't care, better save CPU cycles for lower tiers. But for money site, it could do more harm than good if links come from malware sites. Much like the reason I use word filtering for T1 projects only.

As long as I know, Google does return results which domains have malware warning... wish it doesn't.


  • SvenSven
    Import that sites to the URL filter of the project.
  • Well, it's a workaround, not as elegant as the "auto update" blacklist. But yea, that works. So thanks.

    With no one chiming in, I guess this feature is not popularly sought after, so move on... 
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