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Save PR with URLs when available


I never used this and I want to start using it as I think it will save some time. I have a few questions of which I couldn't find the answer on the forum. My sites list is doing wonders to my rankings so I better ask stupid questions than destroy my sites list.

1.My current targets are saved in URL only format, if I check "Save PR with URLs when available" will it save a new line with URL|PR or will it replace the old line URL with the new line URL|PR ?
If it will save a new line, what happens when I delete duplicate URLs? Which line will be deleted, URL or URL|PR ?

2.What happens if I click "Remove" near "Save PR with URLs when available"? Will the PR be removed or the URL with it's PR will be removed?


  • SvenSven

    1. It will save always a new line. However if you remove duplicates, it will remove the one without PR if there is the same URL added with PR.

    2. Just the PR will be stripped from the URL in case you feel that it should have been updated.

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