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Hey there!

I need some help. I'd like to get all urls/keywords directly from my website somehow.
Would it be possible.

For example I have 30 posts with keywords for each post.. (i can handle the PHP part), but I don't know how to set it up in GSA so it would work perfectly.


  • edited May 2013
    Ok, I found something..

    When I use: #file_links[, 1, S]
    Then I can't use %anchor_text% when the output of my url is:

    <a href="">{page|page2}</a>


    Also I can't use that #file_links for URL field ?
  • SvenSven

    Than create a php output with format:{anchor1|anchor2|...}{anchor1|anchor2|...} 
  • %columnspinfile-C:\Path\To\File.txt-1% = url
    %columnspinfile-C:\Path\To\File.txt-2% = anchor 

    It works well like this.. is there anything similiar to this that takes from URL ?
  • SvenSven
    Well if you have the output like "URL,anchor text" than you can as well use that format. But it will not add a specific anchor text for the URL of course.
  • Okay thanks. 

    Also I have this strange question..

    I'm running it 200 threads, 60 private proxies.. but somehow only like.. 5 threads work or so..
    right now it's 0.. sometimes it rises to 50 and so.. 

    I have fast enough connection + hardware.. so it can't be their fault.

    Any suggestions ?
  • SvenSven
    read the FAQ please. You might not have enough targets. A solution might be to lower the time between search queries.
  • I have um.. over 4000 keywords inserted into the software, would it be a problem ?
    I'll test this search query thing now
  • SvenSven
    Keywords are used for not many platforms (blog comments and trackbacks mainly). But even if you use that, the program has to wait between search queries to not hammer search engines and getting banned. 
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