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question about serengine

Hi friends, i want to know if the serengine scrape, spin the article then post automaticly to webs 2.0 or you have to write spin then upload to serengine? i cheked the youtubge but i dont see any intruction about this detail. I really want to buy something as strong automation to maintain my layer 1. Have you used it?any suggestion ?
BTW, yesterday, i ve a look in the Aticle Revo. Is it better or not? in comparaison with serengine? Thank alot for your help 


  • @tourtt

    SerEngines is addon to GSA SER

    It does not scrape so you need articles and then you can use a spinner to spin them.

    You need : GSA SER

    You need : Proxies

    You need : Articles and spin them

    You need : email accouns, the more the better

    Then follow SerEngines instructions that tthey provide when you purchase, its fairly simple.

    And it workds great, i a creating thousands of web2.0

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