Keyword field with spinfile - In which order are keywords imported?

1) if you use %spinfile...% in keyword data field. are the keywords from the file imported for search engine requests one after another or in random order?

2) it seems to also work with %spinfolder...% command, if you use spintax in the folder-files.   i guess then it will be pulled randomly right ?

i have a Tier 1 project where i checked ...
-- "Articles / Web2.0 / Social Network"
-- in options->type-of-backlinks-to-create  i only checked "Article".
-- PR >= 2      
-- 10 good private proxies do all except PR-check.  PR check with public proxies. 
-- only Captcha Sniper for captcha solving which doesnt solve many captchas in that configuration
-- german language project

My problem:  LpM = 0.2  |  only 10% of submissions got verified after a week


  • the request for help is depending on so many factors, so that without screeenshot of you options / engines selection its useless to ask , so please provide full information that people can help here

  • SvenSven

    1) that same keyword is used for like 15 minutes before a new one is read. Though keywords are not often used for search queries (except for trackback + blog comments).

    2) It will than use a file from that folder and take each line as a new keyword. Though I don't see a use in that. You can as well than import the keyword directly. I am no fan of unrelated keywords to your project. And if you take only related keywords, you will have a better link quality in my eyes and not too many useless keywords only blowing up your memory usage. Though I know many use general keywords. It's up to you in the end.

    3) disable the PR's only unnatural and the main reason for your "low" lpm Ohhh and CaptchaSniper maybe (get the better one) ;P Ahh and than German language only...well yes, thats a big issue here as not many sites exists that have this in combination (pr, platform and in german). I guess you have to life with that low lpm

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    1) if i select "always use keyword to find target sites", isnt then every search enginge query including my keyword?  this would result in much more different requests as there would be much more combinations than having just one of the footprints as query, right? 
    Or will the search engines return less results because the footprints are mostly pretty specific in combination with the keywords?

    2 & 3)  i think then  %spinfolder...%  in keyword data field could be a good solution for me, as i have many projects needing very similar keywords.   (6500 keywords /related)
    • as the success rate is really low in my case i want many projects to use the same keywords BUT each project should use the keys in a different order.
    • the aim is to therefore to collect quickly more sites in the "site_list-identified"-files which i want to import into each project after many sites have been collected. 
    • after importing "site_list-identiefied" to all projects OR alternatively activating "global site lists" i wanted to type the captchas manually that CB which i will buy :) cannot solve after first attempt.
    • i thought that this way leads to many verifications in each project as they all will have the same target-sources.

    Do you think that scraping target sources from Scrapebox would make more sense?

    Would it be faster in the long run, too?

    if yes, how would i know which of all GSA footprints to go for in Scrapebox, because in "options->advanced->tools->show stats" there is really low successrate for all (after 1 week now)?

    5) @Sven - you said that you are not a fan of unrelated keywords in projects.
    Why do we need related keywords if they are not often used in search queries? e.g. for tags anchor_texts could be used.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    1) less results because it is way more specific.

    4) yes might be a bit faster

    5) if you use anchor texts for tags, than the only place the keywords are used are engines with dark green color and sometimes those with light green.

  • thanks. your answers really help!   there is one more thing i dont really get...

    if 2 projects have exactly the same configuration... do they blast to the same sites then OR  does the program randomly choose the footprints for search engine queries and also randomly the order of the sites/engines to submit to,  so that they have a different backlink profile?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    They will not get the same links. Pretty much everything is randomized (search engines to choose, keywords to choose, engines,..).
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