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wich option should i chouse ?

zo i like to ad some proxies to GSA search enige ranker and nouw i have 4 options to chouse from. Wich are these 4

import from file (login:password@host:port)
import from file (host:login:password)

import from clipboard (login:password@host:port)
import from clipboard (host:login:password)

Zo i have the private proxies in a text file there for i asume i have to chouse from this 2

import from file (login:password@host:port)
import from file (host:login:password)

Only wich one should i use ? 


  • SvenSven
    Common thats not to hard, just have a look into that file and see how they are stored there.
  • sorry this is totaly new for me.

    here i a copie of the email i did get with the proxies

    Once you have logged in, you are ready to use the Private Proxies.
    You need to login everytime whenever your computer's ip changes. After logging in you can close the browser but don't logout & simply use the proxies as ip:port in any browser or tools.

    Your Private HTTP Proxies List:

  • SvenSven
    So any of the two options will do as you do not need a login/password (probably restricted to your IP). 
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