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three bugs about drupal in email Activation

edited May 2013 in Bugs
1. I have checkd "Delete message when verfication link was found"
But ser ofter can't delete message when ser have found the verfication.
for ex

2.Some sites only use email as username to login. but ser only use %login% to login

3.ser sometimes will reset the user name as a random name when it gets one-time
reset link,even though the Script set as %leave% . My colleague  have send email to you about this bug.


  • SvenSven

    1. if SER finds the verification link, it deletes the email according to your settings. FACT!

    2. That field is called "name" which is also used by most sites for login. Anyway, next version can handle it

    3. Sample URL?

  • 1.
    This link is not a verification link? II use a mail registration Drupal , A few days later , Mailbox Unread message has more than 1,000. In this unread message, some verification link not active and some verification link had active but not delete.
    3.Next week I will send to you

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