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How do I stop GSA from building whois/statistic and redirect links?

Like the title says. How do I stop this? On a typical campaign no matter what I choose to submit too I always get hundreds of these useless and potentially harmful links. Here are some examples <domain> , <domain> , <domain>
9 out of 10 of my links built are these type and not contextual. How do I stop GSA SER from building these types of links and more contextual. For example  this particular campaign I chose "Blog Comment" "GSA Indexer" "Social Network" and "Wiki" for my sites to post to. I have been running for about 20 minutes and have 17 links built and only 1 is contextual and the rest are whois/stat/redirects? What am I doing wrong if anything?

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  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    deselect the indexer sites, and trackback and the like. Also under options you can choose what type of links to submit and disable any "profile" type links. Option is below the SE selection tab.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    I would also suggest not linking to your MS here.... (If that is your MS)
  • Also make sure you deselect 'also analyse and post to competitors' under the search engines on the options tab.
  • Thanks everyone for the help. I will try these suggestions immediately.
    Thank again
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