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v.5.90 Slow and Heavy

I just update my GSA SER to v.5.90

but i feel it more slower and heavier when it runs

i only runs 3 projects

i know it is not about my machine because the previous version was smooth

anyone else have the same situation?


  • SvenSven
    Bahh this is useless. Please keep such as "Feels slower", "I got the feeling..", "I think" things to yourself if you can not proof things somehow or replicate. Read the change log, nothing changed that could influence speed here really. Also from what version did you update?
  • Updated from 5.89
  • I had situation last night. I let SER to work half night and I when I came to check after 12h I saw 20LPM but only 1000 submittted links and 200 verified. I have restarted SER and then speeds jumps oto 50LPM and in the next 6h I got over 25000 submited. SO there was some bug that I see first time in SER
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