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Bug found on 2 items (5.90)

So im only running 3 projects, with 1 engine selected for each, Drupal, Elgg and Dolphin

The bug i have found is for Drupal its submitting 2 links on the articles, One generic and one URL anchor (tick boxes turned off for these settings)

For Elgg and Dolphin i am using a footprint instead keywords in the keyword section, Every verified submission its using the footprint (keyword) as the headline when it should be using a title and is also submitting an anchor text and a url for example this is one SER used : Learn more by clicking here Check out my web blog: anchor text

As you can see it looks terrible, i only want one link for Social sites and Drupal.

Yet all settings are turned off which would be making this happen.


  • SvenSven
    Sorry but I would need the project backup for that.
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