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how many Private Proxie should i use ?


How many private proxies should i use in gsa-search-engine-ranker?



  • As many as you can afford....

    I use 20 and it goes like the wind...
  • oke should i chouse http ore Select OR SOCKS4/5   when using in GSA ?
  • 30 semi-dedicated proxies (if you can afford go for dedicated)

    Just copy/paste them from your provider into SER.
  • yes but what is the answhare to this question

    Select Type Http OR SOCKS4/5 (Do not order if you don't know what SOCKS are
  • SER is running on socks, so I guess socks.
  • oke thanks,

    Will leave this topic un-answhared for a while maby some one disagrees with you.
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