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How long to wait before backlinking a Tier 1 property?

Let's say I created a manual Tier 1 on a tumblr or livejournal site with a backlink to my money site... how long should I wait before building a second tier linking to the first tier?  A few days?  1 week?  Don't wait at all?


  • There is no right or wrong, but I usually wait about a week or so
  • I vary it. Sometimes I wait a few hours, sometimes a week.
  • Right off the bat. As soon as they're created preferrably.
  • Immediately
  • I'm not saying it's right or wrong but what's the thinking behind doing them all immediately? Surely links gain traction over time
  • ronron
    Immediately as stated by GOY. There isn't a reason to wait. You're not ranking the T1. You are passing link juice. That's the whole point. Why delay that?
  • Hmm, okay so can we all agree that the answer is immediately?

    Now the question becomes:  how many submissions/day immediately for the tier 2 which will be linking back to the tier 1?
  • edited May 2013
    you can blast the shit out of tiers!... if you are building a tier 3, just go with maybe 10 tier 2 per day per url, but if you are not building ter 3 just let it run without limit, it wont hurt your site.

    by the way good to know that GODOVERYOU is around here again. :)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @GODOVERYOU - welcome back! :-)
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