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  • I've seem some major drops in some domains some major gains in others.  But the stuff I've been really pushing with GSA has dropped.

    Wait a few hours I was noticing some domains were fine yesterday and woke up today and they have dropped.
  • I'm seeing tons of my movement in my niches

    On Cutts blog it says the rollout is done. Penguin 2.0 rolled out today

  • How is everyone faring?  It's too early to tell as they always make a few changes and I wouldn't make any drastic changes now till analysis is done.

    But so far about 30% of my sites are effected the ones where I have been more aggressive with GSA have definitely been hit.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited May 2013
    I had 1 drop and 2 move up. (adsense sites) all with SER + other tools.

    We have to see how the SERPs play out of the next few weeks. It's way too early to speculate anything. 

    This happens every single time a new big Google update is rolled out you start seeing people make threads all over different forums, "Is link building dead?" "My rank dropped, X tool links don't work anymore!" blah blah blah.

    Just watch you're going to see people selling link packages on various forum titled, "Penguin 2.0 safe links" or "Beat Penguin 2.0 with x" lol .. I'm just ranting now but it drives me nuts.

    I know a few guys that were using SAPE that said they got hit and a few people on skype that are pissed because their 100% whitehat sites got hit. It doesn't matter if you use SEnuke, MS, SER, SAPE or even have a white hat site. There are going to be plenty of people that were effected by the G update. 

    I bet I can still build a niche site and rank it just as easy as before. ;)
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Seems to be about 20% drop for me.
  • I've personally seen about a 50% increase in traffic since this update.  The only tool I use is Gscraper (thanks Santos) and SER. 
  • around 25 % drop for me!
    build new sites and rank them again!
  • 1 drop then 5 ranked up. guess my strategy is jsut too good
  • edited May 2013
    Every single one of my sites are up
  • Very little impact for my sites,,,i think we need to wait to get the clear picture of this update
  • @Hunar, @sumusiko and @jiggsaw

    What kind of backlink profile do your sites that went up have?

    What is the anchor text profile like in percentages of money keyword, long tails, brand, URL and generic anchors?
  • @komakino My backlink profiles are very diverse. I don't believe in that "mostly contextual" links crap. That's unnatural to me. I try to think like a big brand such as wal-mart, amazon, etc. Their backlink profiles have links coming from everywhere in every direction. Not just articles with contextual links within relevant content. As far as anchors are concerned, I just checked ahrefs for one of my sites. It has 924 anchors with 11% using the exact match targeted keyword. 
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited May 2013
    Would really want to see if @insane has been affected by this.  Trying to stay positive :D
  • Anyone think to STOP using SER to prevent damage?
  • Yes, everyone should stop immediately . . . quit spamming my backlinking sites you nasty bunch of spammers;)
  • still strong here. no drops...
  • The only two sites I had ranking both dropped 295 spots. 
    I threw over 160k links at each of them over the course of a week lolz. 
    Used some other link building packages in addition to GSA. 
  • Does anyone think if you have important money sites, that we should stop using GSA SER?
  • edited May 2013
    no drops yet.

    even my spam project is still alive (i did 2 times the same campaign on it with only little changes, so all backlinks are double :D) it even went from #6 to #5 this night.

    it has around 6.000 backlinks, only 1 anchortext, 1 spun-to-death article which makes absolutely no sense. german anchor in english text. i just ticked almost every engine in SER.

    I'll tell you when this site gets hit, otherwise the big penguin 2.0 is just ... whatever.

    >>> Does anyone think if you have important money sites, that we should stop using GSA SER?

    Not stop, maybe adjust. But it's way too early to say what/if to adjust. Don't be a wussy ;) Blackhat is blackhat and maybe you get punished, so what. It's all automated and you can repeat it with new sites.

    PS: Maybe they hit germany later. Thank god german grammar (and grammar is what they have to use in their algos) is so freaking complicated ;)

    PPS: One day G will stop spam, but when that day comes I'll be busy flying around in my space-car so I won't have time to do Internet-marketing anyways.
  • totally agree with s4nt0s  here just WAIT. its all the same...
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