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email options

I promise I have been very busy learning this as well as taking a marketing online course.


my questions are few this time lol

1. under options - proxy - configure , if I use that option to send through a random proxy.  will it pick various proxies to send through (the emails) thus giving us more then the 200 allowed emails?

2. IN the example I understand all of them except the %email%  ?  Does this just place their email in the letter you are sending them or does it somehow help you to send the email.  and what is %email1%  %email2%  and so on for.  is that is you have added more then 1 pop3 account then you can do that and it will pick one to send at random?



  • ps.  where can I find a help menu on your software.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I know you have to have one but I can not find it lol


  • SvenSven

    1. No, proxies are only used for parsing web sites and for searching as most email provider do not allow proxies.

    2. It just adds the email you are sending to.

    (3.) Thats a button next to the Quit button.

  • yeah thanks.  I found it after looking for two days the second I posted I found it lol



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