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Should i use proxies when having vpn ?


Should i also use proxies in GSA Seo indexer when havinging an Vpn ?



  • SvenSven
    SEO Indexer doesn't need proxies in my opinion. Though some customers prefer this here as well.
  • Lets say i want to use proxies.   But i have vpn should i still use proxies as well ?
  • Depending who your VPN is with, they may ban you if they find out you're using it for SEO
  • Oke dint know that.

    Its from Hide my ass
  • Lets say they dont mind.  In that case i can use vpn in stead of proxies ?
  • SvenSven
    Well if you have proxies, use them...I don't see the point in not doing it.
  • yes oke zo when you have vpn use proxies also.
  • What @sven says, plus HMA do mind and will ban you if they figure out you are using SEO tools
  • yes, always use proxies when have vpn.
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