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Questin about indexer + gsa SER

Hey guys, I purchased GSA SER a week ago and running it straight 24/7 now.

I have enough submitted urls but it just taking to long to verify them so I decided to buy GSA Indexer to run with GSA SER.

I now have both programs running. Put all setting in GSA Ser to index using gsa indexer. Is that all I need to do? The program really lacks information about how to set this up I think I hope somebody can help me.


  • ronron
    edited May 2013

    You basically have it right. Keep track of your internet connection bandwidth as the Indexer can really suck the oxygen out of the connection. So if you see lower LPM as time goes by (as your projects and verified links keep getting bigger), that may become an issue. It has for me and a number of others.

    You always have the option of just sending contextual tiers to the Indexer, as those are the highest priority links you really need to worry about first with respect to indexing.

    You more than likely need only two settings: full indexer mode, and use only sites that can index deep links. I think the default is 300 threads, but you can always throttle that back if it slows down SER.

    So those are three tips that can help you manage your connection usage.

  • @ron

    I was also thinking about using some indexing services.

    What are your views on these services? Should I buy SEO indexer or any subscription like lindexed or so? Is it worth it?

    What setup do you use for indexing if you don't mind to disclose it?

    Thank you.
  • ronron

    Funny you should ask. Here's a thread where I wrote it all up:


  • I can vouch for the fact that when i have GSA SER and indexer running, i can in some days use about 400 gig of bandwidth. Now that is alot in my book

    At least that's what my server statistics is showing me, and the weird thing it is showing as incoming traffic and not outgoing lol
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