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Weird Issue Importing

Last night after checking a few indexed and verifieds I exported my list. Im using Open Office's Excel program btw!  What I did was export all my info into 3 seperate files because I exported my indexed and verifieds three different times yesterday. Now I cant import the file that I combined the other two with back into GSA verified list.  The screen is just blank???


  • I think SER only support text file for importing. not sure
  • SvenSven
    True, you can not import Excel.
  • The reason why I exported it as a .csv file because it was the default option! I'll change the file to a .txt and see if that works.
  • Not working! I hope that I didnt screw that list up.  It opens fine in open office I can see the urls.  Is there a way to fix this?  There are weeks worth of work in that file and I'd hate to loose it.
  • when you are going to export then select "save as type = .txt" from drop down menu and done. now have all urls in .txt file.
  • From now on I will but as it stands I cant convert them back to .txt from .csv.  Hard lesson to learn cause I just lost alot of work smh.
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