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Proxy Issue

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Last night I had a warning from my hosting company re my VPS that my IP has been reported for spamming by using SEO tools. I could not see how that was possible as I have 20 private proxies I use with GSA. I tested them all again and they are all still working fine.

I am just looking at my verified links for some bookmarking and many of them, at least 50% are showing as German (my VPS is in Germany). The bookmark task only has UK and USA search engines selected.

It seems a bit of a coincidence that my VPS IP has been reported for spamming despite using private proxies and now my bookmarking task is reporting strings of links from German bookmarking sites when I have not selected any German engines. This looks to me like GSA is not using the proxies as I can see no other way I have been flagged

My GSA setting is to use proxies everywhere and as mentioned, there are 20 private ones and they all test as good and enabled. Is there any logs or records I can look at to see what IP is being used by GSA for each process or task?



  • Did you have the option "automatically disable bad proxies on use" selected?
    This should only really be used when using the auto proxy scraper to constantly add new proxies.

    If you are just using static private proxies then you do not want that selected.

    Why? Well at some point even the best private proxies will temporarily fail, and then with this option it gets removed. Soon enough all 20 will have 
    temporarily failed,  and been removed, leaving you running on your bare IP.
  • Hi m3ownz,

    Good point, I will disable this option for the future. I understand your reasoning and can see that could be a cause if they all ended up disabled but when I checked them all last night after being advised my IP had been flagged for spamming, only 3 had been disabled so that still leaves 17 which were working fine.

    Presumably, if one fails and gets disabled, GSA moves to the next working proxy rather than using the actual IP in which case there are still 17 live.

  • hmm, odd. Yes if there where 17 alive ones left it should not have exposed your bare IP. Only Sven would know further details
  • My thoughts exactly. I just wondered if any of the logs would record the ip being used to do each task as that would show if my bare ip has been used at any point.

    My only other thought is that I have just added the GSA search indexer tool. Given that writes to about 800 sites per each link verified, could that be responsible? I can see no settings for it to use a proxy.

    There is just no way or reason my IP should have been exposed so something has clearly not worked properly.
  • SvenSven
    Well it can be the Indexer indeed, but seriously, all this program does is harmless. I can not understand how people call that spam.
  • They call everything spam they don't like. But I can stand behind it because it posts only once to a site. If they don't like it, they can delete it. For my customers I filter everything trough an own domain. I build links to it and only use them again for another projects which stays. When I got emails like 10 pages "fuuuuuuuuuuck you" then I set them to my blacklist. I really would like a cloud blacklist for such domains - think this would help a little bit.
  • mmm, Sven, could you consider a change to the indexer to make it use a proxy?

  • When I get my IP blacklisted like just happened, I get charged for a new IP address. As a one off it is not a problem but if the indexer is going to keep getting the VPS ip flagged, I am going to get a big bill for new ip's or get my hosting shut down.

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