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Mediawiki Posting Issues

davbeldavbel UK
edited May 2013 in Bugs
Howdy @Sven

Noticed tonight that on some Media Wiki verified article posts, it's not actually my article :D

When I go into the show verified lists the url displays as:

and when I click through to view the article, it isn't one I've posted, but they are SER posts as you can tell with the similar post structure, or if you follow the links you see standard SER content


  • SvenSven
    Someone might have hijacked that than. On Wiki you can edit other peoples pages.
  • that is standart thing

    software always post to index.php

    i think those are honey spots to detect spammers
    every spamming tool edits that file

    maybe it is software error


    i also saw several Index.php wikis actually a lot of :D
  • SvenSven
    If you have a look into that engine, it will not post to index.php but create a unique title.
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