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SMF Complex - skipped by settings


I bought CB today and am currently running my first list to see how it performs.
I see a lot of "skipped by settings", especially for SMF complex captchas.

My settings are not restrictive at all, so in my opinion it should at least try to solve them, even if it eventually fails. Correct?



Thanks for your help.



  • SMF complex has a solving rate of 3% and you have told the software to only try and solve is 20% and above...
  • Actually, I had the checkbox "solve only above x%" unchecked and it did the same. Now I see the SMF complex are not checked b default. So I did that, lowered my 20% and now it's attempting to solve them. And I feel it is solving more than 3% for the moment. Will see. Thanks!
  • good luck!
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