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Display the error captcha on Drupal


The left is the captcha displayed in the Debug.   A lot of sites have this problem.
I am very dissatisfied.
Because of this problem, I manually enter hundreds of this type of captcha,All wrong ~!


  • SvenSven

    Have a look at the source. This text cod eis actually very clever and works with div-float-css styles. The order you see in the image is not the one that the program can read in sequence. In order to do that, it would have to analyze the css code of the page and even than it would not work perfectly.

    Sorry but this kind of captcha is just not working.

  • yes , I see .I am also a programmer.
    The old way is wrong.
    I think we should try other methods, not only analyze the css code of the page
    I know this is very difficult.
    But I think it is very important to solve this problem, It can improve the success rate of the Drupal.
  • SvenSven
    common this is just one captcha of many many others. I don't see a need to add support for this. If you are a programmer yourself, you know how difficult it is to analyze css code and all the possibilities. In fact you end up with an own browser engine here.
  • yes, i see. common this is just one captcha of many many others and Occurs only in Drupal.
    But Drupal sites is too much . So this problem it is necessary to solve.
    I'm a C++ programme.I know this is very difficult.
    I mean, you do not need to solve this problem tomorrow. But I hope you can solve this problem in the next month, or even a few months later.
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