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There are several tasks in GSA that I do not entirely understand why you need keywords. The main one being Bookmarking. I would have thought that the only relevant thing here is the footprint to identify a site as a relevant bookmarking site.

As bookmarking sites are mainly general, for any topic or subject, I can't see why you use keywords. This makes me think I am limiting myself. For example, I am bookmarking a site that relates to transport jobs. I have used SB to get 100 or so keywords related to transport jobs and have entered this into the project in GSA.

I can't help but think that if GSA is only looking for "footprint" + "keyword" it is going to be very limited in what it finds.

Can anyone clarify. Should I be using keywords specific to what I am bookmarking or should I just add hundreds of general keywords?



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    Look at the project window and see how different targets are coloured: dark green = use keywords, lightgreen = occasionally use keywords, yellow = dont use keywords.

    All the bookmarking sites are light green (bar one yellow) so GSA will only add keywords to the search footprint occasionally, most of the time it will just use a standard footprint like you mention, so no you are not limited.
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