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Decaptcher bug?

I have been using decaptcher just fine with GSA CB. But it's weird today that CB couldn't connect to Decaptcher. I entered my credentials in GSA SER, successful, but GSA CB it says 
"Error: No valid response.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

I also have a question. When entering my Decaptcher credential into GSA SER, there's a popup says "We charge 6$ per 1000 captchas".. But inside GSA CB this doesn't happen. So I just want to ask if GSA SER - 6$, GSA CB - 2$ as usual? Or both 6$ or 2$? This is a bit confusing.

Best regards,


  • SvenSven
    The 6 USD is just in GSA SER. Thought hat other issue is unknown to me. Should not happen, if you still get this (works here), it might be some issue on your PC or decaptcher.
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