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Proxy Working on One Server and not Other

So I have proxies from proxy-hub and 4 of them are not showing to be working on server that its been working on for months, I complained at proxy-hub and they said all my proxies are working.
Anyway, I've installed GSA on different server (different network) and they all are showing to be working, how come?
 All IPs that do fail looks like are in same subnet


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I have had it in the past with them

    OK from my home ip and not my vps

    I used scrapebox to test from my vps and then took a screen shot to show that they were being hit with a 404

    or other error

    You have to be firm and get your point across

    I have never had them refuse to replace them in the end

  • I don't have SB any other way I can test?
    Also they refused to replace.
  • I checked it via one script it seems like its working? -u -p 151.237.19x.x -l 80 -o myuser -m mypwd -e 200
    OK - Status: 200 OK

    So why is that it works everywhere except on my vps?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Are you using the standard settings on the proxy tester in ser?

    That only checks one page on a bing search engine

    I personally don't use bing, so I have mine set to test a different website to check the proxies work


    But what you do is find a vbulletin forum for example.

    not real >  < not a real website, so don't use it

    Add that in the first box

    And then vbulletin in the second box

    Make sure the word your checking for on a website, is not in the url


    It will only show if the proxies still work, not if they are banned by google etc

  • Yeah I did check on blackhatforum and same proxies were not working.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I had this all the time! Never could work out why it worked on one VPS and not another! Posted a few threads about this but never got to the bottom of it. Will watch this space closely to see how you solve this! :-)
  • @alexR I basically gave up and told them ill quit using their service if they dont give me new ones... and thats what happened.. I was up for new reneweal anyway.
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