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OMG - GSA Now Irritating Than Ever

edited May 2013 in Feature Requests
Have been using GSA for the longest of times, but lately there there seem to be some "improvements/enhancements" that shouldn't be there at all.. for instance, anyone noticed the numerous pop-up messages each time you move your move over the tool?

Doesn't matter where the mouse is, there seem to be a pop up with instructions following your every mouse move!
It's so irritating and unnecessary... anyone who doesn't understand what each feature is for should read up on it, or go to youtube, or there should be an option to enable or disable the pop ups, they're driving me NUTS!

2nd... Seems you cannot manually add email details into the pop3-server fields etc without FIRST adding an email address into the "Your email field."
This field only recognizes gmail and hotmail, any other email provider, ie aol, gmx etc, when added, and then you  hit "find settings" triggers your browser to find the settings for you.
Even if the browser locates the settings for you, you CANNOT manually add them into the fields because these fields are hard coded to only be used when hotmail, yahoo or gmail has been added into the "Your email" field.

Sven, can you please enable these fields to be filled manually regardless of whether there's a recognized email address in the "Your email address" field or not?

Finally, can you please enable GSA to search ALL email folders for confirmation emails etc?
Seems most email providers keep moving emails around folders, regardless of filter settings enabled?

Would be great if GSA could search the inbox, then move to, say the POP folder (aol. hotmail) to search for confirmation emails, click on those, then keep moving around "popular folders."
This can be done... I've used Abbas Ramji's backlinking tools (warriorforum) before, and one of his tools has the functionality to not only search the inbox, but multiple folders for confirmation emails.

Many thanks


  • SvenSven

    enable all fields: Just add a new email and you can edit everything

    search all email folders+other: impossible as this is not covered by a pop3 protocol. I can only read emails that the server shows.

  • Sven.

    A tool called socialhub submitter, built on ubot studio software, has an inbuilt email confirmer that not only checks for links in the inbox, but spam folder as well, if memory serves, that way serving two purposes.

    So, if this ubot software can click on links in the spam folder, surely GSA can too no?

    Thanks in advance.
  • SvenSven
    No, as I am not coding for some special email providers but leave it open using a pop3 protocol. Your UBot app is nothing more than an IE window (maybe hidden) where things are clicked automatically. I don't think people want to have this. At least I will not add it.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    What's with the moaning? I think Sven makes GSA what it is, with almost daily updates and improvements... not brown-nosing I just appreicate the efforts.
  • You may call it whining, it's just that the popups (pet peeve) seem to be unnecessary... just too many of them... and they follow your mouse move across the app all the time, which is an annoyance.

    As for the email verification, was a feature suggestion, nothing more... and Sven seems to have exhausted the request... so, case closed!
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