Is this possible also how does priority works

Ok lets assume that i have 10m harvested urls and 3 tiered campain

Now i want to get them processed as this

Now i give 2++ priority to the tier 1
So it should 3x more times processes these urls
tier 2 get 2x
tier 3 get 1x

which would result in when tier 1 processed 300000 links
tier 2 would process 200000 links and tier 3 would only 100000 links

now this assume is correct or not ?

Also this would be super logical. Since first tier would have processed a lot more sites, the other tiers are not have to waste resources on unindetified platforms or such as rechecking pr and other things. Is this also possible ?

And third do i have to import url to each tier ?

thank you


  • SvenSven

    The priority is not handled in that exact way. You can not expect it to be spread in that way. I wouldn't change the priority.

    import to each tier: Yes.

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