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Gsa Email spider and Verifier

I just purchased both the email spider and verifier.


Ok, I got email spider to actually parse emails, but I was wandering if anyone here can give me some instructions on how to properly use email spider and email verifier.  Along with any tricks that I might need. 

Please talk to me like I am an idiot (lol) Sad but true when it comes to this I am new.  I am mainly trying to help supplement my retirement and I am willing to invest as well.

Also if possible explain vps servers and proxies and how to use them with the software as well as the Hotmail and email account creators.


sorry for all the questions but to anyone who has the time and kindness to respond - I THANK YOU VERY MUCH




  • SvenSven

    There is not really much to take notice of.

    1. Search for contact data in Email Spider the way you want (keyword of niche->hit start)

    2. Export the data (Save Items->All)

    3. In GSA Email Verifier you import that file and begin checking for invalid emails.

    4. Export the data agin and import in GSA Email Spider using Project->Import->Emails.

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