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How many link shoudl I add to this website


I bought GSA SER 2 months ago. Add only one site of my customer, that is adult side on phpfox script I created 4000 links and nothing. I'am far on google for this keywords: sympatia,odloty,garsoniera,zbiornik,roksa.

What im doing wrong ? Could you help me ?

Thanks !


  • Well, 4000 links is alot of links

    IF you did those links withing a very short period of time, i would imagine google will sandbox your ass
    or penalize your website for it.

    How long time did you spend to create those 4k links ?

    I am posting max 100 links pr day, and will increase slowly to make it look more natural.
    I suggest you limit the verified links pr day to a much lower level, this way your not hurting your website.

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