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Data Filtering Problem !

Hello Sir, 

I want to import data in gsa pr wise according to PR (tire). I have a question that i got 84 thousand sites by Gscraper. But I am unable  to filter these sites with PR wise and import them in GSA PR wise .
If there is any kind of this tool or any option kindly help me

Thank you..


  • Just import them into the lower teir, ser will identify them and sort.
  • Hello there, I am login into my Gscraper Account. But it's show error " Login failed, May I help you check failed's reason " after clicking Yes button. it tells Gscraper server is Down.. I have two user keys and both have same problem.. 

    Kindly help me out..
  • Hello everyone out there,

    I am scraping my Data in Gscraper service but when i cheked footprint of some engine like Guetbook- Free perl Guestbook, Burning Board- Forum and some other. their footprints are not being checked properly.Due to this, i am unable to get more data from Gscraper.. 

    Kindly help me out...
  • SvenSven
    You mean there is a bug in the engine ini's? If so, let me know and I change it.
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