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How long I must to run GSA for a video ?

I try to rank a youtube video with GSA, and I run the software from two days, but my video from page 2 jumps on page 3, what I do wrong ?
I run the software 9-10 hours per/day.
What I have made:
- Blog comment
- Image comment
- Pingback
- Social Bookmark
- Trackback
- Video
What I'm doing wrong ?


  • tell us about the anchors you use.
  • and you seen link building result in only 2 days?
  • You have to have more patience. ;) I usually see results after 3-4 weeks of link building.

  • unikbit

    baba well Is just a video, and should get results until now.

    vifa I read on this forum, that a youtube video takes like 3-4-5 days to rank, but my video is going down from google.

    Thanks for answer !image
  • Yes it depends on the competition. Since I'm in the gambling industry, it takes a little longer.
    You can expect fluctuation in the serp during and after a blast. So it will probably jump up to a better position soon.
  • Ok, thank you for the answer.
  • Have been past few days since, but my video still dance on page 2-3-4, any ideeas why ?
  • The dance is normal. I don't know if there is really an "average" time GSA can get videos on page one, as it all depends on how competitive the first page listings are. Also, are you linking directly to the video or through a link pyramid?
  • direct to my video, and today my video show on page 1, after I run it for a week.
    Thanks for answer.
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