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Wanted - Captcha Images

Does anyone here have a decent sized collection of hotmail/outlook captchas?

Labled ones (eg answer.gif - xfgHsR.gif etc) would be fantastic, just plain old unlabled ones would be fine as well, will save me a bunch of time collecting samples, as im sure there are others here with plenty just sitting in a folder.

If you have a decent sized labeled collection of another type (one that isnt already solved to a high level by CB) please let me know as well.

A 'Share your labeled captchas' thread might be a decent idea if theres enough interest.

Many thanks


  • SvenSven
    And than you will work on a better captcha definition or will you release a competitor product? ;)
  • Bedtime reading, saves costs on books ;)

    This is actually for a private app, but if you are now starting to use custom classifiers in CB(a little blue bird gave me a hint) rather than just preprocessing for tesseract then i would be happy to swap info if i get anywhere.

    I still have the tesseract based app i wrote last october sitting on my harddrive, so i dont think im much of a threat to sales!

    I have now recieved a large hotmail set via pm, but i still think a share your captchas thread is a good idea.
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