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Captcha Solve "stats"?

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests

Possible to add somewhere in the program for each project - a stat counter for captcha solves by each captcha program (CSX, DBC, etc)? 

Be nice to find out "stats" from GSA on how many captcha solves were failed in any given time period or by project or some period? 

just an idea... 


  • +1 on this one,
  • +1 from me too. Would be also great to have a warning when less credit is available.
  • In order to do this, the software would have to know the difference between a bad captcha and other errors (eg bad email/username/closed regisitration etc). 

    As far as i can tell, it doesnt do that atm, it just looks for text strings to match against the failure strings saved in the engines file, with all failure strings (captcha, email, username etc) lumped together in the one variable.

    I may be wrong however, and only Sven could answer that. If it can detect bad captcha answers, that would be great, because it would allow it to truly retry failed sites numerous times (eg select new proxy and account data, thus avoiding any registration attempt limits), greatly improving submissions.
  • The only way for SER to tell if a captcha answer is bad, is by parsing the resultant html page when it tries to submit, and looking for some form of a 'bad captcha' message. Each engine would probably have to be edited to include a 'bad captcha' footprint or something similar, and I suspect some platforms don't tell you anyway.
  • Yup, thats pretty much what i thought. Most platforms will tell you, but in a number of different ways and in a number of different languages, so it would require a great deal of work!
  • I think your guys are right. But I really would like a message of not working CS or not working captcha services. I run into such problems multiple times because their notification didn't work.
  • I did notice that the activity log does say - "Captcha not solvable" - what is the syntax of this statement? 

    Can't we just have this "Captcha Not Solvable" counter for a certain period of time or by project? 

  • Keep in mind that CSX has a counter in the status bar for a total across all sessions and a total for the current session
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